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Project Description
Open Asset Database with CMDB allows you to define your own asset types & sub types specifying your own properties for each type. Define relationships and track Hardware & Software orders for inventory reporting to help with ITIL compliance.
Developed in 4, C# & SQL 2008.

This is my 1st project and still needs quite a bit of work but it's finally in a usable state.

To install: create a database and appropriate account, run the script from the DatabaseScripts folder to create all the objects and place the website on an IIS folder with .Net Framework 4 installed.

Use .net frameworks aspnet_regsql to create the required tables etc... if you want to use the user access facility - The Website Administration Tool is based on the Article by Dan Clem (

Assemblies could probably be changed to allow it to work with .net 3.5 and the database should be compatible with SQL 2005 but untested.

Lots still to do including lots more error trapping and form validation required, full text search page for attached documents and various demo reports as well as documentation but needed to get this published before the setup period closed.
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Asset Details
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